Industrial Safety Products

  Industrial Safety Products

Fire & Safety Equipment

Arvika Risk Management is a leading provider of fire safety-related equipments

Our Fire Fighting Equipment is certified by ISI Standards


Head Protection

Arvika EHS offers a wide range of head protection in the form of safety helmets, hard hats and its related accessories


Safety Footwear

Our foot protection range includes brands like Karam, Allen Cooper, Tiger, Liberty, etc having various features like steel toe caps and waterproofing.

Eye Protection

Arvika EHS offers a wide range of safety goggles, specialist eyewear for eye protection for your workers at site.

Hand Gloves

Arvika EHS offers a wide range of hand protections / gloves like – Rubber Hand Gloves, Cotton Hand Gloves, Leather Hand Gloves etc.

Safety Apron

We offer a wide range of Safety Jackets that are made from high quality fabrics and are manufactured in accordance with the industry standards.

Ear Muff /Protection

We offer a wide range of Hearing Protection Products including Earmuffs, Earplugs, Ear Plug Dispenser etc.

Respiratory Protection

We provide an extensive range of respirators and masks to ensure your workforce is protected from harmful respiratory gasses in the working environment.

Safety Belt / Full Body Harness

We provide a wide range of high-quality height safety equipments: Safety belt / Full body Harnesses etc.