Electrical Safety Audit

  Electrical Safety Audit

Electrical Safety Audit is about inspection of the safety & security of electrical installations of any industrial unit / Project sites electrical installations or organization. Electrical Safety Audit is performed by conducting enquiry, inspection, testing and verification of any entity installed with electrical equipment and appliances.


The Purpose of the safety audit is a structured process that is used to collect information related to a company's efficiency, effectiveness, reliability, and safety. An auditor will observe the processes, work environment, the condition of equipment, and other details to gauge these qualities.


Review of the electrical hazards identification and risk assessment. Review of the earthing and lightning protection system implemented in plant to ensure the equipment and human safety.

Key results:

  • The identification and elimination of safety hazards.
  • Ensuring longevity of your expensive electronic equipment's like computers and other machines.
  • Ensure safety of valuable information like data and other documents is safe from electrical hazards.
  • Improvement of employee morale