Fleet Audit

  Fleet Audit

Fleet Audit

A fleet audit is a process (done internally or externally) that measures your fleet’s compliance, financial performance, vehicle maintenance, employee safety, driver safety, safety training, and more.


The purpose of fleet audit is to catch potential issues before they cause problems.

Important of Fleet Audit

It is easy for fleet managers to become engrossed in the minutiae of their daily tasks and lose sight of the overall health of their fleet. It is always an excellent opportunity to take a step back and look at your organization holistically, diagnose any problem areas, and devise a plan to address those concerns.

Key Indicators

  • Regulatory Documentation
  • Budget Reports
  • Technology
  • Processes & Policies

Key results:

  • A properly conducted fleet audit can uncover a variety of issues that may potentially cost your fleet a lot in terms of money and reputation loss.
  • Proactive and preventative approach to manage risks
  • Improving Cultures in your organization
  • Minimizing Risk
  • Smooth operations on day to day basis