Warehouse Safety Audit

  Warehouse Safety Audit

Warehouse Safety Audit

Warehouse Safety Audits help an organization or a supply chain to identify warehouse safety hazards related to the entire warehousing operations and risks associated with the key operations, safe working of employees and their level of controls. A warehouse safety audit is intended to identify gaps in current control measures with respect to national and international standards and legal requirements.


Warehouse safety audits are intended to assure that effective programme elements are in place for identifying, eliminating, or controlling hazards that could adversely impact a company's human assets.


A warehouse management system audit provides scope of examining and evaluating safety policies and procedures and their review, hazard communication systems, the dissemination of information and hazard awareness programs, the training and motivation of employees, etc.

Warehouse Safety Audit Criteria

Warehouse Safety Audit Criteria shall cover following requirements

  • Warehouse HSE Management System
  • Statutory and Regulatory Requirement
  • Customer Requirement
  • Comply with construction safety laws & regulations.
  • Identifies all significant hazards & the people who are at risk from each hazard
  • Emergency Response Procedures

Safety Audit Findings

Warehouse Safety Audit findings may be non-fulfillment of the requirements or an opportunity for improvement. The requirement could be any HSE assurance criteria.

Key results:

  • Validation of your HSE Management systems
  • Proactive and preventative approach to manage risks
  • Improving HSE Cultures in warehouse  
  • Minimizing Risk at work Place
  • Improving Work cultures
  • Smooth warehouse operations on day to day basis