Electrical Safety & Safe Electrical work Practice

  Electrical Safety & Safe Electrical work Practice

The main hazards of working with electricity are electric shock and burns from contact with live parts. Injury from exposure to arcing or fire from faulty electrical equipment or installation, and the serious hazard is electrical shock; it may be converted to a fatal incident.

Electricity – How it Works

1. Electricity is the flow of energy from one place to another
2. Requires a source of power: usually a generating station
3. A flow of electrons (current) travels through a conductor
4. Travels in a closed circuit



Electrical Hazards

Shock: A response to an electric current passing through the body. Arc flash or blast: Causes burns by emitting heat and intense light. Fire: Occurs with faulty outlets, old wiring, cords, and switches. Explosions: When electricity ignites explosive material in the air



Key Benefits of the Course

1. Basic knowledge of electrical safety
2. Basic knowledge of Indian & international safety     standards
3. Skill Development
4. Participant understanding of electrical hazards, injuries,   and controls 
5. Selection and suitability of electrical equipment and protective systems

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