BBS- Behavior Based Safety

  BBS- Behavior Based Safety

Behavior Based Safety

Arvika RM has developed a behavior-based safety (BBS) system that adds value to current cultural development, reduces the number of at-risk behaviors (unsafe acts), and conversely increases the number of safe acts. This BBS training programme would expose and experience participants to BBS concepts, observation and feedback processes, and BBS implementation in an organization.

The BBS programme is intended for all staff below members across all Offices, Project Sites, Manufacturing Complex, Oil Terminals, Oil Explorations, Industries, and Operations Globally.

1. Project Leaders (Project Directors/Project Managers/Plant Heads) 
2. Section Supervisors/Construction Managers/Site Engineers
3. Supervisors
4. Employees
5. Subcontractor’s Staffs
6. All workers
7. EHS professionals

Safety excellence is an art built by resource development, and human resources can be as good as they should be in their capacity for safety. With our Arvika RMS Training Modules service, we help our customers establish and develop their resources’ safety skills to stay safe.

How Arvika Risk Management Pvt. Ltd. can help with the development of Behaviour-based safety (BBS):

Arvika RMS  BBS process involves regular safety observations, where employees are trained to observe the behaviors of their colleagues and report any unsafe practices or hazards. This information is then used to identify trends and patterns in behavior that can be addressed through targeted interventions. BBS interventions include training, coaching, and feedback on safety performance. One of the key benefits of BBS is that it engages employees at all levels of the organization in the safety process. By encouraging employees to take an active role in identifying and addressing safety issues, BBS creates a culture of safety where everyone is responsible for maintaining a safe work environment. BBS also provides management with valuable information about the overall safety of the workplace. By analyzing the data from safety observations, management can identify areas of concern and take action to improve safety practices and procedures. This data can also be used to measure the effectiveness of safety programs and initiatives over time.

Arvika RMS Conduct a safety audit for the client: Arvika Risk Management Pvt. Ltd. can conduct a safety audit to identify the current safety practises and systems in place. This audit can help identify areas for improvement and suggest ways to integrate BBS into the safety management system.

Arvika RMS Develop a customised BBS programme for the client: Based on the findings of the safety audit, Arvika Risk Management Pvt. Ltd. can develop a customised BBS programme for the organisation. This programme will be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the organisation.

Arvika RMS will train employees for BBS. Arvika Risk Management Pvt. Ltd. can train employees on the BBS programme and provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge to implement it effectively. This training will include workshops, classroom sessions, and on-the-job training.

Arvika RMS will monitor and evaluate: Arvika Risk Management Pvt. Ltd. will help monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the BBS programme. This can include analysing safety data and metrics to determine if the programme is achieving the desired results.

Arvika RMS: Help for Continual Improvement: Arvika Risk Management Pvt. Ltd. will provide ongoing support to the organisation to ensure the success of the BBS programme. This support can include coaching, mentoring, and regular check-ins to ensure that the programme is being implemented effectively.

Arvika RMS will ensure compliance. Arvika Risk Management Pvt. Ltd. can help ensure that the BBS programme is in compliance with all relevant safety regulations and standards. This programme includes conducting regular safety audits and inspections to identify any potential issues or areas of non-compliance.